Estrella Damm Master Final: On Saturday, when the four semifinal matches were played, the Palau Sant Jordi brought together 9,600 people to the stadium, an absolute attendance record, beating the mark of the Madrid Final Master 2018 in 2,500 spectators. In the assistance addition of the four days of the tournament, a total of 30,500 fans went through the Palau. Among many other things, they highlighted the special presentation of the players in the court, the award ceremony and the customization of the changing rooms for the event. World Padel Slow: The best padel in the world at 200 frames per second. The action, magic and excitement of World Padel Tour to enjoy it in slow motion. The glory and failure are resolved in unique moments that, now, with the new Slow Motion camera of World Padel Tour, become images that will remain forever in our memories. TikTok: In 2019, TikTok made the big leap between social networks. It stopped being a niche to become the new star. 14 million downloads in 2019, only in Spain, support this unstoppable phenomenon. World Padel Tour has made it its first social network with content exclusively in English and some of its videos already exceed 3.5 million views, having become viral in countries like United States, Japan or India. Pocoyo, one of the characters most loved by children, has signed for the best panel in the planet. After many years of success, Zinkia Entertainment, thanks to the professional circuit, has made Pocoyo a World Padel Tour player. The long-awaited debut of the three-dimensional doll was in the Estrella Damm Final Master. Outstanding News